Tangerine Dream. Force Majeure

2011 / digital print on folded paper / 30 x 90 cm

ReCover was an exhibition organized by the artist Omar Barquet, in which he invited around 100 artists to make an interpretation of their favorite record covers, trying to pay homage to the artists as well as to the vinyl LP format.

Tangerine Dream. Force Majeure (original paintings by Monica Froese)

In my remake, I took the essential geometric and organic elements of the original paintings and made a kind of progression or sequence between them, in which the organic element would go through a kind of alchemic transformation from a planet to a tangerine, foam, plastic, and liquid, finally ending with the face of Karlheinz Stockhausen all covered in moss, while the white glowing grid grows in complexity as a kind of geometric equation.

Cytokinesis series: Yellow I

2011 / gouache and ink on paper / 27,9 x 43,1 cm

Basic elements like triangles and circles, legs and arms, that may or may not represent masculine and feminine principles, passive and active attitudes, organic and geometric elements, the sephiroth or a cellular process, start to reproduce themselves in a similar fashion to cytokinesis, creating a web of elements that can grow indefinitely.

A pair of 10 drawings (5 yellow, 5 red) complete the series.

Cytokinesis series: Red V

2011 / gouache and ink on paper / 27,9 x 43,1 cm


Tracción Nebulosa

2009/ Intervention on fiber glass structure / 1.90 x 1.10 x 50 cm

I was invited to participate in the public exhibition Animal Celebration that took place in Reforma Avenue on Mexico City on 2009. All the spheres were handmade, using different molds filled with polyurethane resin and covered with a coat of car paint.



Untitled (nuclear dharma equation)

2010 / acrylic and ink on wood / 1 x 1 x 30 cm

Commission for Lolalab (http://lolalab.com) intervening one of their most renowned furniture pieces, the “cholo” table, to celebrate the first 3 years of the studio.


Miles Away

2010 / acrylic and ink on canvas / 90 x 1,61 cm

Steps Taken

2010 / acrylic and ink on canvas / 90 x 1,52 cm

Above Below

2010 / acrylic and ink on canvas / 97 x 1,62 cm

Artist Book

2009 / Mixed media on 30 page book / 13 x 19.5 cm

I made this book between 2008-09. Some sketches, writings, paintings, drawings.

The Wrath of Reverse Entropy, 2008.

The subversive inclination of almost nothing, 2008.

Wish Fulfillment

2006 / oil and acrylic on wood / 74 x 74 cm

Wish Fulfillment II

2006 / oil and acrylic on wood / 74 x 74 cm

Autoretrato tras Bacon, 2003.

A pair of very early videos.

The Diamond Sea, 2005.